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Surmanti Beginners Nail Technician Training Certification Course


Why train with Surmanti?

Train with award winning nail technicians with over 20 years’ experience in the nail and beauty industry.

Whether you choose to complete your nail technician training online in comfort of your own home, or in person, you will be carefully supported by our award-winning trainers leading you through every step. Our nail training courses offer a perfect mix of theory-based discussions, observation of real time demonstrations and practical working sessions.

Our nail trainers are located all through New Zealand, ensuring you will easily be able to find a nail course near you.

We only schedule 4 students per class, which means that each training session is interactive and personalized.

Surmanti 100% Training Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied. That is why, if you feel you haven’t ‘nailed’ all the techniques we teach you in our nail course, we will retrain you for free.*


Surmanti Nail Technician Certification Course Information

Discover the secret to applying long lasting acrylic nails and nail extensions, learn how to master the art of a perfect gel manicure, and acquire the skill of completing a luxurious manicure and pedicure.

Become a fully certified Surmanti Nail Technician and gain an industry recognized nail technician certification.





33 hours of directed learning, followed by 35 hours practical learning and observations = 68 hours

Payment Plan

Pay with humn pay


Complementary Surmanti Training Kit valued at $1,279

Included in the cost of the training, you will receive an exclusive Surmanti Nail Technician Training Kit worth $1279. Learn more about the Surmanti Nail Technician Training Kit here.


*Students must complete all required course requirements and homework before requesting to re train with us

Nail Technician Certification Curriculum

To receive a graduate certificate in Nail Training with Surmanti, you will need to complete 11 Modules, consisting of 3 hours each, followed by a practical assessment.

Key outcomes:

After completion of the Surmanti nail technician certification course, you will successfully obtain an industry recognized certification in nail technology, having acquired the following skills:

  • Knowledge of the beauty and nail industry and skills to kick start your career in nail artistry, and/or build your own business.
  • Learn to work with state of the art Surmanti nail products and materials that are used by award winning nail professionals.
  • Learn to successfully complete a pampering and luxurious manicure and pedicure, including nail shaping and filing techniques.
  • By well versed with the application and removal of gel nail polish using the latest Surmanti gel materials.
  • Master the craft of Nail Acrylic technology and polymer nails, including professional overlay and backfill techniques.



Module 1: Introduction to nail technology

ü  Background into the nail industry and learning to pursue a career as a nail technician.

ü  Getting your nail business up and running and learn how to run a nail salon.

Module 2: Gel Polish Application on natural nails

ü  Learn the latest gel nail technology and get a step-by-step guide into gel nail application techniques using the best Surmanti professional nail products that are used by nail and beauty industry professionals.

Module 3: Nail Art and Shaping

ü  From simple to extravagant techniques, discover the art of nail design and nail shaping techniques.

Module 4: Polygel (polymer gel) overlay on natural nails

ü   Learn how to use and apply polygel to cover and strengthen the natural nail to allow the nails to grow into the desired length. Typically gel polish is then applied to add the desire colour and effect.

Module 5: Polygel (polymer gel) extensions

ü  Learn how to add length to the natural nail by using tip extensions, then apply poly gel to add strength and the desired shape. Typically gel polish is then applied to add the desire colour and effect.

Module 6: Odourless LED cure Acrylics on natural nails

ü  Learn how to use and apply odourless acrylic to cover and strengthen the natural nail, allowing the nails to grow to the desired length.

Module 7: Odourless LED cure Acrylics on French tips

ü  Learn how to do beautiful French look nails, you will use tip extensions to create length and the desired shape.

Module 8: Backfill synergy with polygel (polymer gel)

ü  Learn how to backfill (replace or refill the gap that has grown down from the cuticle) the polygel nails from module 4, to appear brand new again.

Module 9:  Backfill odourless LED acrylic

ü  Learn how to backfill (replace or refill the gap that has grown down from the cuticle) the odorless acrylic from module 6, to appear brand new again.

Module 10: Classic Manicure and luxury Pedicure

ü  Learn how to use and apply Surmanti naturally manicure and pedicure products, to achieve quick instantly visible results and the ultimate pampering.

Module 11: Practical Assessment

ü  To put all your learnings into practice, complete and successfully pass your practical assessment to become a certified Nail Technician. We are committed to ensuring you succeed and offer you the chance to re sit your assessment as many times as you want.



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